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Hospice Volunteer Training

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Hospital Board of Directors Foundation Board of Directors

David Anfinson

Vice President
Steven Cederstrom

Jennifer (Jenna) Fischer

Michael Gardner DDS

Douglas Allen, Ed D

Dr. Lachlan Smith, FACOG

Eric Weiberg

Chief of Staff
Dr. Fred Hund

City Council Representative
Jim Dokken

Hospital Administration Representative
Michael Schramm, Chief Executive Officer

Tom Johnson

Vice President
Lara Duininck

Amy Ellingson MD

Jonathan Kreps CFP

Barb Abrams

Alix Behm

Roger Gauquie

Mick Quinn

Lachlan Smith MD

Connie Vanderbill Medin

Hospital Board Representatives
David Anfinson CFP
Michael Gardner DDS

Hospital Administration Representative
Michael Schramm, CEO, Exoficio

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