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Where can I get an estimate for the cost of a service at Rice?
To obtain a price estimate for a test or procedure at Rice Memorial Hospital, please contact our Patient Access Registrar at 320.231.4234. To help us provide the most accurate estimate, please have a copy of your physician's order, the procedure name or CPT code and diagnosis code (ICD-10) if available.
Will I be asked to make any payment when I come to Rice?
Depending on your insurance policy, you may be asked to pay your co-pay, deductible and/or co-insurance on the date of service.
Do I need to bring anything with me when I come to Rice?
In addition to anything your clinician may ask you to bring in, please bring the following:
  • Insurance card(s)
  • Photo ID such as a driver's license, state-issued ID, or passport
  • Estimated patient responsibility owed/due/amount


What is a deductible? A co-insurance? A co-payment?

A deductible is an out-of-pocket fixed dollar amount (usually per year) that an individual must pay for health care expenses before their insurance company will start to make payments for covered medical services. Plans may include both individual and family deductibles. Plans may also have separate deductibles for specific services.

A co-insurance is an out-of-pocket amount a health insurance plan requires a patient to pay, usually a stated percentage such as 20% of medical expenses, after the deducible amount is paid.

A co-payment is an out-of-pocket amount a health insurance plan requires a patient to pay, a fixed dollar amount, when a covered medical service is received. The co-pay amounts may differ depending on services and your plan.

Example: If the allowed amount for your service is $500, your responsibility according to your plan may be:

  • $150 deductible
  • 20% co-insurance
  • $500-$150 (deductible) = $350. Of the $350, you owe 20% (co-insurance) = $70
  • Total patient responsibility is $220 ($150 + $70).
  • Total payment due from insurance is $280 (80% of $350).


Should I contact my insurance company before coming to Rice?
In general, it is a good idea to review your insurance policy and benefits before receiving medical services. In some cases, for instance, if you are coming in for laboratory tests or a chest x-ray, you may NOT need to notify your insurance company. However, for many other services such as an inpatient admission, ambulatory surgery or an invasive diagnostic test/procedure, your insurance company may require that you notify/obtain approval in advance. Lack of such notification could result in reduced benefits and higher patient responsibility.
Why do I have to give my insurance information every time I visit Rice?
We ask for your insurance information every time you visit Rice Memorial Hospital to ensure that our records are accurate and up to date. Patients and/or employers change insurance carriers with great frequency. To process your bill quickly and accurately, we ask you for your insurance information on every visit. This gives us the opportunity to verify your insurance coverage and benefits.
I am also covered on my spouse's insurance policy. Will you send bills to both insurance companies?
Rice Memorial Hospital will coordinate benefits for patients covered by more than one insurance policy. It is important that you provide the information for both insurance plans at time of registration in order for us to submit claims to both insurance companies.



I can't pay my whole bill at once. Can I make payment arrangements?
Yes, we'd be happy to discuss payment options with you. Rice Memorial Hospital also offers a 0% bank loan to help you fit a monthly payment within your budget. To discuss payment arrangements please contact us at 320.231.4371, or toll free at 1.866.601.0527.
Who can I contact if I have questions about my statement?
You may contact the Rice Memorial Hospital financial advocates weekdays from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Please be prepared to provide your account number which is found on your statement. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our financial counselors with any questions you have regarding your statement, balance or to inquire about what options are available to you.
I would like an itemized copy of my services. How can I request one?

Please call us to request a copy of your itemized bill. You can expect to receive a copy of your bill within 7 to 10 days.

Call the phone number that corresponds to the first letter of your last name:

A-H call 320.231.4686
I -R call 320.231.4815
S-Z call 320.231.4289

Outside the Willmar area, call toll-free 1.866.601.0527

What does "Provider-Based" or "Hospital-Based Outpatient" mean?
“Provider-Based” or “Hospital-Based Outpatient” refers to the billing process for services rendered in a hospital outpatient clinic or location. Under this model, patients may potentially receive two (2) charges on their combined patient bill for services provided within a clinic. One charge represents the facility or hospital charge and one charge represents the professional or physician fee.
Can I pay my statement online?
Yes you may pay your statement online by clicking here. For assistance with online bill pay, please call our accounts receivable department at 320.231.4242.
Why did I receive two statements?
Each visit you have at Rice Memorial Hospital is recorded using a unique account number. This may result in a separate statement for each visit.
I keep getting bills from Rice Memorial Hospital. Why don't you bill my insurance company?
Rice Memorial Hospital will send you a statement once insurance has processed your claim. There may be times when your insurance company requires information from you before they will process charges. If that is the case, please respond in a timely manner to prevent your claim from being denied. If you insurance company does not process your claim in a timely manner you may also receive a statement.
If I don't have any insurance, how do I know how much to pay? Whom do I pay?
If you have questions regarding the expected cost of your services at Rice Memorial Hospital please call 320.231.4234. To help us provide the most accurate estimate, please have a copy of your physician's order, the procedure name or CPT code and diagnosis code (ICD-10), if available. The Patient Access Registrar will be able to give you an estimated facility cost of your services. You may pay your bill prior to or at the time of service. A receipt will be issued to you for your payment. Cash, check or major credit cards are accepted. You also have the opportunity to set up a payment plan in advance if you are not able to pay in full by the time of services.
What is the best way for me to pay my statement?

Unpaid balances, including all applicable co-payments, co-insurance, deductibles and any non-covered services are the responsibility of the patient and must be paid upon receipt of the statement. For your convenience we accept a variety of payment methods:

  • Cash/Check
  • Money Order
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express

Pay Online

Payments can be mailed to Rice Memorial Hospital at:
Rice Memorial Hospital
PO Box 150
Willmar MN 56201

Please be sure to include your account number with your payment.


What if my visit is due to a motor vehicle accident (MVA)?

If your charges need to be billed to an auto insurance carrier, you’ll need to open a claim with the insurance company.  MVA patients need to give Rice Memorial Hospital claim number and address information; we can submit your visit to insurance for you.  It is important that you provide your medical insurance benefit information as well so that any required authorizations or other steps to ensure coverage are followed. This will assist in protecting you and the hospital financially should the auto insurance deny payment. We need a copy of the denial in order to bill your insurance.

Download Motor Vehicle Accident Form

What if my visit involves worker's compensation?

If we do not receive worker’s compensation information from you or your employer you will be responsible for your bill. It is important that you provide your medical insurance coverage benefit information as well, so any required authorizations or other steps to ensure coverage are followed. This will assist in protecting you and the hospital financially should worker’s compensation deny payment. We need a copy of the denial in order to bill your insurance.

Download Worker's Compensation Form

What if I have changes in my insurance coverage?
If you have had any changes in coverage, you will need to update Rice Memorial Hospital with that information. If the claims need to be sent to worker's compensation coverage or auto insurance, please provide that information to Rice Memorial Hospital. Contact your insurance company if you have any concerns about why they did not process a charge. Contact us if you have any other questions regarding your statement.


West Central Emergency Physicians
If you see a doctor in the Emergency Department, the charge will come from Rice Memorial Hospital, but you will get a separate Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company.
Minnesota Pathologists Chartered
A pathologist is the doctor who reads any tests or specimens that are sent to the Rice Laboratory. If you have tests done, you will get a separate bill from them, as well as a separate Explanation of Benefits (EOB).
The doctor who gives you anesthesia (f you are put to sleep during a procedure) works for Affiliated Community Medical Centers (ACMC). They will send you a separate bill and you will receive a separate Explanation of Benefits (EOB).
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
The certified registered nurse anesthetist provides the anesthesia and stays with you during the procedure. You will receive a separate Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and separate bill for these services.
You will receive a separate bill and Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from the doctors who provide care for surgery, tests, or room services. The bills will come directly from the doctor or the clinic where they work.
Suburban Radiologic Consultants, Ltd.
A radiologist is the doctor who reads x-rays, CT and MRI tests. If you have these tests done, you will get a bill from them, and a separate Explanation of Benefits (EOB).

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