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Welcome to Suite Beginnings

You are special and so is your baby; that's why we've created a wonderful place within the Women and Children's Care department called Suite Beginnings.

Every year, more than 800 newborns enter the world at Suite Beginnings. Our spacious private suites are designed to make your stay as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

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We highly encourage all expectant mothers to attend our Pregnancy to Parenting Classes offered through a partnership with Kandiyohi Public Health. This informative series combines online learning with three face-to-face classes, and includes a tour of our Suite Beginnings birth suites.

We also encourage expectant mothers to stop in and speak with one of our experienced consultants at Rice Home Medical about upcoming needs including breast pumps, and to set up insurance information in advance.

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Rice Hospital birth suiteSuite Beginnings

You are special and so is your baby; that's why we've created a wonderful place within the Women and Children's Care department called Suite Beginnings.

Suite Beginnings is designed to provide you with a home-like setting for the birth of your baby. Each suite is private and specially made to take you through the entire birthing experience: labor, delivery, recovery, and the post-birth stay.

The suites are comfortable and spacious so that you and your family have room to relax. A large window lets in natural light. You can enjoy the recliner chair and whirlpool tub, while family appreciates the daybed.

We have a family-centered visiting policy, which means your family is welcome at any time you choose to have visitors. you decide who can be at the birth of your baby, whether it's the father, your parents, brothers and sisters, or anyone else who is important to you.

Your suite has internet access to send new photos and e-announcements, or to search for just the right baby name. You'll also receive a gift bag filled with goodies just for you.

Rice uses a special security system to protect you and your baby. The hugs and kisses security part connects you to your baby. When your bracelet is touched to your baby's bracelet a happy sound is made.

The second part of the security system protects babies using a sensing alarm that sounds if a baby is taken out of the unit or if the bracelet is removed.

CrannickExperienced medical care

While your suite is cozy and comfortable, it's important to know that the latest in medical care options are available for you.

A state-of-the-art operating room that is equipped especially for critical birthing circumstances is located on the unit.

If your baby has special needs or requires intensive care, our qualified staff can provide specialty newborn care in our Level II Intermediate Care Nursery.

At Rice, our nurses, obstetricians, pediatricians, family practice physicians, and healthcare providers are all trained specialists in caring for expectant mothers, birthing, and new babies.

Our staff of registered and licensed practical nurses have many hours of specialized training in infant and maternal care. This extensive training allows them to provide the highest quality care for you and your baby.

AmandaBefore the Birth Day
A pre-admission form is included for you to complete and send to us. That way we can have all of your information ready for you when you arrive at Rice. The Patient Access Office will send you a confirmation letter after they receive your pre-admission form. This letter talks about insurance and financial concerns. Remember to contact your insurance company or employer to add your baby to your insurance coverage. Contact your healthcare provider with any concerns and questions you have about your birth experience. Rice Memorial Hospital and Kandiyohi County Public Health have put together a learning program called Pregnancy to Parenting that combines an online class with three face-to-face classes to bring you important information about pregnancy, delivery, newborns, breastfeeding, and more.

Learn more about the Pregnancy to Parenting childbirth education series

Learn more about Rice Home Medical's maternity/new mom products and supplies

The Birth Day Arrives
When you arrive at the hospital, the receptionist will notify the Women and Children’s Care staff. If your pre-admission form is on file, you will be asked to simply sign the consent for treatment and financial responsibility form and our admissions staff will direct you to the department. If you are in advanced labor or need a wheelchair, we will be happy to immediately assist you. If you are coming in for an OB check, please notify the receptionist before going to the unit.

What to Bring
When you plan for your hospital stay, here are a few things you may want to include:

  • Insurance cards, Social Security number , and photo identification
  • Basic toiletry items
  • Clothes to wear home for you
  • Clothes for your baby to wear home
  • A car seat
  • Blankets for the baby
  • Any other items that would make your stay more comfortable

The Birth Experience
Please let us know how we can provide you with the best birth experience possible. Several pain relief options are available to you, including epidurals, intravenous pain medications, as well as natural pain relief aids like whirlpool tubs and birthing balls. Your labor nurse and healthcare provider will help you through this process. We also welcome any other support people you choose to have involved in this memorable event. You and your baby will be monitored frequently throughout your labor and delivery to ensure safety for you and your baby.

Announcing the Birth
Your baby’s photo can be posted on Rice Hospital's Web Nursery. Please let your nurse know if you would like your baby’s photo on the Web Nursery. You can also announce your baby’s arrival at no charge in the New Arrivals column in the West Central Tribune. Ask your nurse for a New Arrivals form.

Your Nurse
Your nurse will check you frequently after your baby is born to make sure you are stable and recovering appropriately. Pain medications and stool softeners will be available to you upon request. Your nurse will help you in caring for your baby. Education is an important part of becoming a new parent. Your nursing team will provide a variety of educational opportunities and information to answer your questions. They will develop a teaching plan based on your learning needs. They will also give you a Rice Caring Book which is an excellent resource for you, both in the hospital and after you go home.

Your Care Manager
Your care manager is a registered nurse who is familiar with your stay. You can reach your care manager by asking your nurse to have her come to your room or by calling 4148. She is available to discuss any concerns you might have about:

  • Your care or your baby’s care prior to or during your hospital stay
  • Your discharge from the hospital
  • Insurance and finances

Bonding With Baby
You can expect to stay in the hospital two days after a vaginal birth and three days after a cesarean birth. Your healthcare provider will see you and your baby each day while you are in the hospital. They usually make their rounds in the morning. Our whirlpool tubs may be a highlight of your stay. Take at least one bath each day to speed up your healing process and help ease any discomfort. In order to bond with your baby and become comfortable with caring for your new baby, we encourage you to keep your baby in the room with you. Remember, our staff is always available to help you care for your baby. All of our nurses have training to assist with breastfeeding questions. Many labor and delivery nurses also have additional breastfeeding training and serve as lactation counselors. They provide care and assistance throughout your hospital stay, so just ask your nurse to contact one of them for you.

monicaWhen it’s time to go home, please have the car seat in your suite because your baby will be carried down to your car in the car seat. If you’d like, our staff will help you arrange your follow-up appointments with your healthcare provider. Your local public health agency will be notified of your birth and can be a valuable resource for you when you return home.

Our relationship with you and your baby doesn’t end when you go home. Please remember, our staff members are here for you. If questions come up after you return home, call us. We’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is our goal to provide excellent care for you, your new baby, and your family, throughout your stay at Rice and we’re here to answer your questions as long as you need us. We look forward to caring for you and sincerely hope you enjoy your birthing experience at Rice Memorial Hospital.

You can reach the obstetrical nurses and lactation counselors at Rice by calling 320-231-4420.

You can reach Rice Home Medical Consultants by calling 320.235.8434.

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