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Willmar Regional Cancer Center
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Rice Regional Dental Clinic

Dental students at Rice Regional Dental Clinic, Rice Hospital, Willmar, MinnesotaThe Rice Regional Dental Clinic is a collaborative effort between Rice Memorial Hospital and the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry.

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Goals of the Dental Clinic include:

  • To provide dental care to underserved patients in a rural setting
  • To provide both dental and dental hygiene students with an opportunity to practice in a rural setting
  • To promote careers in dentistry among people living in the area
  • To engage area dentists and hygienists in public service
  • To provide health education and service to the community
  • To have a positive influence on the number of dentists and dental hygienists choosing to practice in the service area.

Using lift with dental chair, Willmar Regional Dental Clinic, Rice Hospital, Willmar, MinnesotaThe Dental Clinic has ten dental chairs and state-of-the-art dental equipment. Four dental students, two dental hygiene students, and one dental therapy student are assigned to serve at the Clinic on a rotating basis, year-round.

Patients are assigned to a dental or dental hygiene student who performs their care. The dental students treat patients under the direct supervision of a faculty dentist or faculty hygiene instructor.

This is an educational environment, so treatments may take longer than usual.

The Dental Clinic is open to anyone, regardless of insurance status. All age groups are welcome, and a sliding fee scale is used for uninsured patients.

To schedule an appointment, please call:

Rice Regional Dental Clinic
Phone: 320.214.2620
Toll-free: 1.877.214.2611

This clinic has room for 60-80 new patients every month.


Rice Regional Dental Clinic from ricehospital on Vimeo.

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