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Camp GK Bear - Grief Camp for Children

Next Camp is Saturday, April 6, 2014

Click here for details and registration information.Camp GK Bear Children's grief camp at Rice Memorial Hospita

The Grief Center at Rice Memorial Hospital offers a summer grief camp for kids in grades K - 6, called Camp G.K. Bear. It's a one-day camp for children who have experienced the death of a significant person in their lives.

"We have seen an increasing need for a program like this in West Central Minnesota," says Mary Beth Potter, Rice Hospice Director. "Children are often overlooked in the grieving process. We have structured the camp to accommodate the needs of children in our area."

Grief Center Coordinator Brenda Wiese says, "Our goal is to help the children understand the grief process and teach them the skills they need to help them heal."

Through generous donations and grants, along with the help of Rice Hospice volunteers, Camp G.K. Bear is offered free of charge. This camp provides children an opportunity to better understand their own grieving process as well as taking part in some fun activities.

Camp GK Bear balloon releaseThe day's program for the camp centers around for main themes:

The children create a Memory Box to collect items that are special to the child and that belonged to the person(s) who died. A workbook was specifically designed that could be partially worked on duringcamp and then completed at home.

One parent commented, "Thank you--it was all my kids could talk about for four hours. I think it helped them know that they are not the only kids who have lost someone close.

Children's grief camp at Rice Memorial HospitaCamp G.K. Bear has received the "Innovation of the Year Award for Patient Care Enhancement" from the Minnesota Hospital and Healthcare Partnership.

For more information contact:

Brenda Wiese
The Grief Center Coordinator

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