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Health Insurance Counseling Program (HICP)

If you have questions about your bill at Rice Hospital or just need help figuring out your medical bills, we're here to help.

Direct Phone number and hours

Please leave your name and phone number on the voice mail. A volunteer will return your phone call to set up an appointment:

Phone: 320.231.4069

  • What is HICP?
  • Who is eligible?

What is the Health Insurance Counseling Program?

The Health Insurance counseling Program (HICP) is a free and confidential service staffed by trained volunteer counselors. They can help you with a variety of questions about medical bills and health insurance coverage, whether or not it is related to Medicare.

HICP counselors are not sales people. They are friendly and knowledgeable volunteers who can provide you with assistance concerning patient rights, insurance claim processing, and health insurance coverage issues.

Volunteer counselors have training in health insurance concerns relating to private insurance, Medicare, Medical Assistance, Minnesota Care, supplemental insurance, long-term care insurance, HMOs and other important areas involved in health care coverage. They use many resources to help guide you through the health coverage maze.

Who can use the HICP Program?

Everyone is welcome. There are no age or income requirements because the service is free of charge to all. Your concerns about medical bills or insurance coverage do not have to relate to Rice Memorial Hospital, and you do not need to be a patient of Rice.

Volunteers can help you:

  • Organize and track insurance claims and medical bills
  • Understand health coverage issues
  • Fill out insurance forms
  • Find answers to Medicare questions
  • Explore insurance options
  • Make appeals and refile denied claims
  • Review long-term care insurance
  • Find answers to questions and concerns about health insurance coverage issues
  • Understand patient's hospital rights and insurance benefits
  • Find additional resources and agencies related to your concerns
  • Understand prescription drug coverage
  • Review your Explanation of Benefit summaries to determine your portion of medical bills

Do you have questions about health insurance?

Health insurance can be confusing. Health care costs, lengthy insurance claim forms, and mounds of paperwork can cause worry and frustration. Do you have any of the following (or similar) questions?

  • When should I apply for Part B with Medicare:
  • What are health networks?
  • How do i choose a health insurance company?
  • How long do I qualify for health insurance from a former employer:
  • Am I covered by medicare if I'm still working full-time?
  • Do I really need a second health insurance policy if I have Medicare?
  • What is Medicare Part D?
  • When should I go on Medicare Part A?

If you're wondering about any of these common questions and concerns, call the HICP counselors. They have been trained to help you find answers.

We're here to help you get answers

Simply call and leave your contact information on our voice mail. Counselors will call you to schedule an appointment. You may stop by during program hours, but appointments are recommended to best serve everyone.

We are conveniently located in the Community Health Library on the main level at Rice. This program is made possible by the Rice Volunteer Auxiliary and Rice Health Foundation. Rice Hospital provides the office location free of charge.

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