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Intensive Care Unit

The staff in Rice Memorial Hospital's modern 8 -bed Intensive Care Unit is committed to giving the very best care to your loved one. You can be assured that each piece of equipment we are using is state-of-the-art. The experienced nurses working in this unit are specially trained in intensive care.

For Families

We know you are worried. Because of the seriousness of your loved one's situation, we will try to keep you updated with significant information. Please select one member of your family to act as spokesperson between our staff and your family and friends. This will serve to keep communications clearer. Your family spokesperson may call the ICU nurses station at any time at 320.231.4380.

The ICU waiting room is provided for use by the family members of our patients. A special room adjacent to the ICU will allow privacy for conferences among family and staff. For your convenience, we have a kitchen in the lounge equipped with coffee, tea, soft drinks, and an assortment of snacks. Current reading materials and a television are also available.

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