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Inpatient Services

Rice Memorial Hospital offers comprehensive medical care from the pediatric to geriatric age. We have highly qualified, talented staff experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of common illnesses and chronic diseases.

During your stay at Rice, we want you to be as comfortable as possible. This is why we have a team of healthcare professionals committed to providing you the best care possible. This team includes:


  • Pain Management
  • Ethical Considerations

Our Commitment to Managing Your Pain

At Rice Memorial Hospital we believe that pain relief is a top priority. Rice staff, in partnership wit you and your family, will work together to manage your pain. We ask you to let our staff know when you are having pain or discomfort. We will provide you with options and prompt action. You can expect from us sensitivity and acceptance of your pain. We will be asking you to rate your pain from 0-10 and identifying your pain goal using the following scale. Managing your pain can help you relax and promote healing.

Our goal is to:

  1. Accept the patients report of pain
  2. Relieve the physical and psychosocial symptoms associated with pain while optimizing individual and family functioning.
  3. Promote active participating by patients and their families in selecting pain management strategies and in communicating new or unrelieved pain.
  4. Provide consistent state-of-the-art care through the multidisciplinary care team and universal guidelines for pain management.
  5. Educate patients and caregivers about pain management and continually reinforce the development and application of this knowledge.


Ethical Considerations

Patients and families are sometimes faced with difficult decisions concerning the ethics of medical treatment rendered in a specific situation. Recognizing that values differ and conflicts may arise, Rice Hospital provides services and support for patients and families facing such decisions.

The Ethics Committee is a group of trained members from our health care team, including physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplains, hospital board, administration and community who offer assistance when a concern presents ethical, legal or complex medical issues. The Ethics Committee will study a case and offer their advisory recommendation. The Committee does not give treatment decisions nor does it substitute for the patient/family/physician relationship. To contact the Ethics Committee, or to request an ethics consult, contact the hospital chaplain, Rev. Beverly Crute, Ph.D. at 231.4211 or or you can also contact Administration at 231.4228.

It is important to remember that a treatment choice is not always final. And since discontinuing treatment is a very individual and difficult decision, we offer a program at Rice, designed to help you with this process. The Choice is Yours provides patients with the tools to think about the options they have and how to discuss these options with their families.

Learn more about Ethical Considerations

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