20th Annual Foot Lake 4: Four-miler hits its stride early

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Willmar notebook: Four-miler hits its stride early

By Rand Middleton, West Central Tribune, Friday, June 20, 2014 – WILLMAR – Richard Rasmussen, a physician who happened to also be a serious runner (as in multiple marathons), had a suggestion 20 years ago. Perhaps, Rice Hospital might want to sponsor a foot race, such as 5k.

Lorry Massa thought it sounded like a fine idea. The head of the hospital walked over to the office of Mary Downs and told her to make it happen.

Mary was the hospital’s marketing specialist, not a runner. But she knew that another Rice employee, Chuck Roelofs, did some running. Chuck sometimes ran with Leon Lentz, a top-flight competitor who had helped start the Green Lake-12 in 1975.

Lentz took on the challenge. Mary’s only qualification was that the route starts and ends very near the hospital.

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