Mike Schramm and Jed Bendix swap jobs to raise money for Rice Health Foundation

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Rice CEO, Mike Schramm, and Nursing Service Technician, Jed Bendix, swapped jobs on Wednesday, October 29, making good on a challenge put forth by Rice Health Foundation last summer.

JedMike_JobSwap2014The 2014 Job Swap Challenge was part of Rice Health Foundation’s annual Employee Campaign. In return for their donation to the Foundation, Rice employees got a chance to vote for the person they would most like to see swap jobs with Mike Schramm. The pool of candidates included: Jed Bendix, Nursing Service Technician; Rachel Cruz, Housekeeper; Rob Miller, Information Systems; Amanda Thorson, RN/Nursing Supervisor; and Deb Van Buren, Rice Hospice Volunteer Coordinator.  After a close race, Jed Bendix was declared the winner in early July.

On the day of the swap, Mike traded in his suit and tie for a set of scrubs and shadowed Jed as he assisted a (mock) trauma patient in the E.R., prepared for a helicopter transport, and assisted with morgue duties.

JedSandy_JobSwap2014On the other side of the coin, Jed donned a suit and tie and made himself comfortable in the CEO’s office while Executive Assistant, Sandy Roelofs, kept him on a tight schedule. He was alerted to a crisis in the E.R. from Chief Nursing Officer Wendy Ulferts, and made rounds in various departments throughout the hospital, asking for suggestions and feedback from staff.

At the end of the day, Mike and Jed compared notes on their respective job swaps. They both agreed it was a fun exercise and an eye-opening experience for each of them. As different as their jobs are, they also found many similarities. Both positions require them to deal a lot with people, and to represent Rice in difficult situations. They also both agreed that their positions required them to be quick on their feet, constantly thinking ahead to their next move as circumstances changed.

The entire Job Swap was video taped and will be available for Rice staff to view in the near future.

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