Pregnancy to Parenting Classes

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ButtonRice Memorial Hospital and Kandiyohi County Public Health have put together a learning program that combines an online class with three face-to-face classes to bring you important information about pregnancy, delivery, newborns, breastfeeding, and more.

Tcaring_10he web-based online class lets you learn in the comfort of your own home. It is interactive with animated illustrations, videos, voice-overs, and games.

Three face-to-face classes give you the opportunity to ask questions and tour the Women and Children’s Unit at Rice Memorial Hospital. These classes will be held at Rice. If you don’t have access to a computer, check your local library or visit the Community Health Library at Rice Hospital.

Cost for Pregnancy to Parenting Series
$50 for the complete Pregnancy to Parenting Series, which includes online eLearning program, three face-to-face classes, Gift of Motherhood booklet, and, Breastfeeding booklet.

$25 for the Express Series, which includes either the Gift of Motherhood booklet or the Breastfeeding booklet, and one face-to-face class. This option does NOT include the online eLearning program.

Class Times
Classes are held on Tuesdays from 6:00pm – 8:00pm in Lakeland Auditorium at Rice Memorial Hospital. For a current schedule, please visit the Events & Classes area of Family Health Manager.

Lakeland Auditorium is on the lower level, through the tunnel to Lakeland Health Center. You can park at the hospital, or in the parking lot at Lakeland Health Center / Family Practice Medical Center.

Online Class – The Gift of Motherhood
The Gift of Motherhood eLearning program is a flash-based online book that will allow you to understand all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth. In this first class, you’ll learn about:

  • The role of the support person
  • Methods to help you through labor
  • Discomforts of pregnancy
  • Understanding labor and delivery
  • Caring for yourself postpartum
  • Feeding your newborn

Face-to-Face Class #1 – All About Newborns

  • Newborn appearance and health concerns from a local physician
  • Car seat safety
  • Educational opportunities for you ad your newborn
  • Relaxation breathing

Face-to-Face Class #2 – Breastfeeding

  • Benefits of breastfeeding
  • How to breastfeed
  • Breastfeeding after you return to work
  • Common concerns

Face-to-Face Class #3 – Preparing for Delivery

  • When to go to the hospital
  • Medication used during labor
  • Relation and breathing
  • Tour the Suite Beginnings birthing suites at Rice Memorial Hospital

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