Rice Hospice Pet Therapy Program is looking for a few good dogs

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As seen in the West Central Tribune

As seen in the West Central Tribune. Click to enlarge.

Rice Hospice is looking for a few good dogs and their owners to join our pet therapy program.

The training involves a three-step process that starts with Pet Temperament Evaluations on Wednesday, April 9 and Thursday, April 10th at Rice Memorial Hospital.

Next, the owner attends our Hospice Volunteer Training on Monday April 28th followed by Canine Training, Friday – Saturday, June 27-29th.

Canine Care for the Journey is a pet therapy program from Rice Hospice which provides comfort, support and animal companionship to hospice patients and their families.  All dogs accepted into the program are American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizens and are registered with Therapy Dogs Incorporated. Therapy dog handlers are Rice Hospice trained volunteers.

Therapy dog visits may reduce loneliness, offer entertainment and distraction, and are often a welcome change from routine. Therapy dogs are currently available in all of the areas that Rice Hospice serves.

Therapy dog training is open to the general public and anyone interested in becoming part of the pet therapy program is encouraged  to contact Rice Hospice at 320.231.4450.

One thought on “Rice Hospice Pet Therapy Program is looking for a few good dogs

  1. How old do the dogs need to be? I have two border collies that I have been training, they are very people friendly. How often do you do the classes?

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