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What is a Whole Body Assessment or Functional Capacity Assessment?

A Whole Body Assessment is ordered by a physician when musculoskeletal or soft tissue illness or injuries occur and objective findings are difficult to obtain. The assessment can provide an accurate measurement of an individual's functioning level, as well as information pertaining to injury level.

Acute Injury (illness or injury - 3 months)

  • What is a person's capacity to do his/her job post-injury?
  • What specific level of physical demand can a person return to?
  • Is the person motivated to return to work?

Sub-Acute Injury (3 -6 Months)

  • Has the medical treatment worked?
  • What work restrictions are appropriate?
  • Is the person ready to return to work?
  • Is the person motivated to get better?
  • What is the person's functional capacity for retraining?

Chronic Injury (6 months - 2 years)

  • What is the person's capacity to perform activities of daily living?
  • What is the person's capacity to meet essential job functions?
  • Is the person's functioning level above or below the actual job requirements?

whole body assessment

For more information about the Whole Body Assessment Program, please contact:

Rice Rehabilitation Center
311 SW 3rd St.
Willmar, MN 56201

Lynn Stier, Director

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