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Our Programs

The Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab programs at Rice Memorial Hospital were developed to fulfill a community need for ongoing exercise programs under the benefits of medical supervision. The programs are designed to help people with cardiovascular and pulmonary disease recover faster so that they can lead full and productive lives.

How do you sign up for a program?

Talk to your doctor to see which Cardiac Rehab program is right for you. (Note, the maintenance exercise class, "Happy Hour for Your Heart," does not require a doctor's order. You may contact us directly to join this fitness class.)

Once you're registered in one of our programs, your entire team may include:

  • Your doctor
  • Registered nurses specially trained in Cardiac Rehab health
  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Registered dietitians
  • Social worker
  • Occupational therapist
  • Physical therapist
  • Chaplain
  • Clinical pharmacist

Phase I: Inpatient Cardiac Rehab

This program is completed when you are in the hospital

Phase II: Outpatient Cardiac Rehab

This program includes close observation and supervision of exercise by trained staff , heart monitoring, risk factor assessment, and health education as an outpatient program. Each session is monitored and frequent reports are sent to your healthcare provider. A physician referral is required to participate in this program. It may be covered by your insurance based on your diagnosis and individual health insurance policy.

This program is for people who have had:

  • a heart attack or angina episode
  • angioplasty, and/or stent
  • valve replacement or valve repair surgery
  • coronary bypass surgery
  • heart and/or lung transplant

Phase III: Wellness Program

This program is a wellness program designed for patients that have graduated from the Phase II program or participants that are working at reducing heart risk factors for heart disease. It is an ideal program for those that want to continue to exercise in a safe, supervised setting. The program includes supervision by trained staff, optional monthly heart monitoring, and contact with your phsycian, if deemed necessary. This program is not covered by insurance plans, however, you may qualify for a fitness discount based on your individual insurance plan.

The Wellness Program is for people who may:

  • be ready to improve their overall health, and would like a supportive and educational environment
  • be at risk for heart disease
  • be overweight
  • have high blood pressure
  • have high cholesterol
  • have not exercised in a long time
  • have iabetes
  • have a family member with heart disease

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

Pulmonary Rehabiliation is much more than an exercise program. It is an educational experience that helps you better understand your lung disease. You''ll learn how to exercise and do activities with less shortness of breath for your lung condition. Pulmonary Rehab can help you maintain, and even improve, your quality of life.

This program is for people who have:

  • shortness of breath
  • COPD
  • asthma
  • emphysema

Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) Rehabilitation

For people who experience leg pain, everyday activities such as walking the dog or picking up the mail can be difficult.

In peripheral arterial disease (PAD), the arteries carrying blood to the legs are affected. As the PAD becomes more severe, not enough oxygen-rich blood reaches the legs and pain develops when walking. This painful condition is called intermittent claudication.

The PAD program at Rice is for people who have intermittent claudication, and/or, have undergone a procedure to treat PAD (i.e. femoral bypass surgery or stenting).

Participants receive exercise therapy, as well as education and support for PAD. Exercise therapy is usually twice per week, consisting of a warm-up, 30 minutes of exercise, followed by a cool down. The exercise prescription you receive from the cardiac staff is indvidually written to meet your needs. Your heart rate is monitored, and weight, exercise data, and progress are recorded at each session.

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