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Free Community Screeningsscreening

Come join us at Rice Memorial Hospital the first Thursday of every month for our Free Community Health & Wellness Screenings.  These screenings are open to the public and take place in the Board Room at Rice Hospital from
7:30-9:30 in the morning. 

These spots do fill up fast so we encourage you to make an appointment with us before arriving.  It is necessary that participants are fasting for a minimum of 12 hours before their screening takes place and we encourage participants to complete the Family Health Manager Health Risk Assessment prior to screening. 

If you need help registering for the Family Health Manager or do not have access to a computer, computer access and assistance will be available the morning of your screening.  Please call 320-231-4396 to make an appointment for your screening today!

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Upcoming Screening Dates

Thursdays (First Thursday of each month)

March 6, 2014
April 3, 2014
May 1, 2014
June 5, 2014
July 3, 2014
August 7, 2014
September 4, 2014
October 2, 2014
November 6, 2014
December 4, 2014

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