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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Who can be screened?
Anyone age 18 and over.
What types of health screenings take place at the event? 
Participants go through stations that consist of: Blood Pressure, Pulse, Blood Sugar, Total Cholesterol, and BMI (height and weight) and will complete an online Health Risk Assessment.
Where does the screening take place? 
We come to you!  We want to make this as easy and seamless as possible for your business.  You provide the space and we do the rest.
What happens with the information collected? 
Individual’s privacy is always protected.  We can provide congregate data to each entity, which can be used to design effective wellness initiatives or address wellness issues that affect your specific group.  Each member is provided with FREE wellness coaching with our trained staff to discuss his/her results and guide him/her to appropriate local resources that can help with goals and concerns.
What is the fee for the program? 
There is no cost to participate in the health screening or for any of our wellness coaching services.
How can I encourage members to participate? 
We are able to help you implement incentives or friendly group competitions/programming to encourage members to start making changes in their health and wellness. We can simply hold a screening as a benefit to your members or we can be more involved in helping to create a wellness initiative that improves the lives of your members.  How involved you want us to be is totally up to you.
How can our members track their progress to help them stay motivated after the screening? 
We can provide you or the members the tools they need to be successful and reach their goals, in addition to annual follow up screenings.  We also offer an exciting incentive program your members can choose to opt into!
Why should I be interested in holding a health screening?
Your members are the heart of your organization! By helping you members identify potential risk factors in their general health, you are giving them an opportunity at a longer, happier, more fulfilled life.   By participating in Rice Memorial’s ReYOU Wellness Program, you are showing your members that you truly care about their total wellbeing and are willing to help them make the journey towards better health!
How do we get started?
Please contact us at 320.231.4396

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