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Ethical Considerations

Rice Memorial Hospital Chaplain, Rev. Beverly CrutePatients and families are sometimes faced with difficult decisions concerning the ethics of medical treatment rendered in a specific situation

Recognizing that values differ and conflicts may arise, the Rice Hospital Ethics Committee is available for consultation.

Rice Hospital believes ethical principles and values are to be integrated throughout our hospital campus, including programs for patient care and business practices.

The Rice Hospital Ethics Committee helps insure that when ethical issues arise, a trained group of multi-disciplinary professionals is available to provide assistance and advice. Committee members consist of physicians, nurses, social workers, a chaplain, hospital board members, administration and community members.

The Ethics Committee at Rice Memorial Hospital provides a place for the discussion of ethical issues in health care such as life supporting and sustaining decisions to treatment decision. However, our Ethics Committee does not make treatment decision nor does it substitute for the patient-family=physician relationship. It does provide support and advice, helping insure that when ethical conflicts and dilemmas arise, patients and families have a source of assistance.

Treatment choices can be difficult decisions. Services at Rice Memorial Hospital such as the Ethics Committee, programs such as The Choice is Yours in Dialysis which provides patients with the tools to think about options, or documents such as Advanced Directives or Healthcare Preferences can help make a difference.

Whether deciding on medical directive,s sorting through values and preference, seeking sources of ethics education, affirming values which frame helacare and work relationships, or defining community values, Rice Hospital Ethics Committee provides services and support.

For more information on Bioethics >>The Center for Bioethics at the University of Minnesota

To contact the Ethics Committee, or to request and Ethics Consult:

Contact Hospital chaplain Rev. Beverly Crute, Ph.D. at 320.231.4211 or or the Rice Hospital Administration at 320.231.4228.

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