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Wound, Ostomy, and Continence (WOC) Nursing

What is a WOC Nurse?

A Wound, Ostomy, and Continence (WOC) nurse is a specialist in caring for patients with wounds, ostomy and continence conditions. WOC nurses are registered nurses with advanced education that enables them to treat special conditions, as well as provide counseling and emotional support to patients and their families.

You can talk to us about those health issues that are not easy to talk about...

We can help you find solutions and care for:

  • Painful wounds or bedsores
  • Wounds or bedsores that don't heal
  • Problems caused by venous disease, such as wounds and/or swollen legs
  • Having to run to the bathroom too often to urinate
  • Feeling as if you have no control over your bladder and/or bowel
  • Skin irritation from your ostomy
  • Problems with your ostomy leaking and other "unmentionable" concerns
  • Diabetes Mellitus with foot deformities, which can cause calluses and open wounds
  • Wounds from surgeries that aren't healing properly

What services does a WOC nurse provide?

  • wound and ostomy consultations
  • assessments of patient conditions
  • options for managing conditions
  • a plan of care which includes supplies and equipment
  • preventive care
  • education to families and patients
  • specialized therapies
  • counseling
  • care in a variety of settings
  • teaching self-care for ostomies

Community outreach

WOC Nursing Services are available to outreach facilities, such as healthcare providers and community organizations on a request basis. The WOC nursing staff at Rice have presented workshops on topics such as ostomy care, pressure ulcers, skin and wound care in cancer patients, basic wound care, and AHCPR guidelines.

A WOC nurse may be available to:

  • conduct ostomy clinics
  • help begin support groups
  • facilitate workshops and presentations on wound or ostomy care.

How to find us:



For more information, contact:

Suzanne Keuseman, MA, RN, APRN-BC, CWOCN
Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurse

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