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The Nurse Residency Program at Rice

The Nurse Residency Program at Rice Hospital offers new graduate nurses the tools and resources they need to succeed in the hospital work setting. For the first year of their employment, new graduate nurses are a part of the Nurse Residency program.  New graduate nurses orient with trained preceptors to become proficient healthcare professionals.  The preceptors facilitate growth and development for new nursing staff.

Rice works to accomplish this by bringing together our preceptors, the best and the brightest individuals our industry has to offer, and provide them with the tools and resources they need to create an environment that is conducive to healing, growth and well-being for our patients and co-workers alike.

Preceptors and new graduate nurses have unique roles in helping patients become partners in their care. Through focused activites and guided instruction, new graduate nurses will understand how patient partenerships improve safety and result in better health outcomes.

Benefits of Nurse Residency Program

  • Includes one day of general hospital orientation and 4 days of classroom nursing orientation
  • Expert instructor with advanced degree
  • New graduate nurse has 27 shifts of orientation on the nursing unit and works with a trained preceptor during this time; moving toward a gradual transition from one patient to four patients
  • Individualized approach to meet your learning needs
  • Conferences with preceptors and nursing unit leadership, with input from Director
  • Mentor Program - new graduate RNs are partnered with a supportive mentor for one calendar year. This mentor is an RN who has experience, expertise and a treasured insight as they help to guide the new RN to discover their strengths and talents and make an impact in their personal and professional life. Mentoring benefits the new graduate RN, the mentor, our patients and their families.
  • Three New Graduate Education Days, focusing on a variety of Medical/Surgical care topics
  • Cohort meetings - guided dialogue format designed to interact with other new graduate RNs, to learn from each other in a confidential setting; to talk about their personal experiences on the units; as well as observations, concepts and questions they may want to discuss



What a Rice RN says about the Nurse Residency Program

I really liked that the preceptor program was available here - I wouldn't choose a hospital without one. My preceptor definitely helped me get used to the floor and my surroundings.

She introduced me to staff and directors. She made sure I wasn't missing anything. It was nice to have that extra person there for asking questions.

Everyone we work with is very pleasant and willing to help out. I like working in the medical field and taking care of people. The best part about being a nurse is seeing your patients get better and make progress toward their goals.

--Megan Hebrink, RN

When I graduated from nursing school, I was glad to find a place at Rice. I like the larger hospital and the positive attitude I find here. It's a nurturing and supportive environment. Everybody always asks, "Can I help you? Can I show you this?"

When you have a good preceptor program like Rice does, it's really going to help you get your career off to a good start. they individualize the program to meet each new nurse's needs. There's a lot of good team work here - they help you succeed by guiding you, educating you, and supporting you.

--Susie Johnson, RN


Interested in joining the Nurse Residency Program
at Rice?

How to apply:

In order to be eligible for our Nursing Residency Program, you must be hired as a new graduate onto our Adult Health Care unit.

Please watch for job openings for Adult Health Care on this website if you are interested in this program.

>>current job openings


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