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Most of us hearty Minnesotans are daydreaming about getting away to the tropics... Here's your chance! Join our free community health challenge - Trek to the Tropics. Rice Memorial Hospital is committed to investing in the health and wellness of our community, and we are challenging you to stay active for eight weeks! Collectively, we'll be logging active miles that will take us around the world. If we reach all of our destinations by the end of the challenge, we will be giving away a $4,000 travel voucher to one grand prize winner!

Win Your Dream Vacation!

Move for
56 Days

Reach 8 Destinations

38,402 Miles

1 Grand
Prize Award

Our Community Health Challenge

We made our final total goal! Keep logging miles to reach your individual weekly goal to still be eligible for the grand prize.

Weekly Individual Mileage Goals
  • Week 1: 7 miles
  • Week 2: 7 miles
  • Week 3: 14 miles
  • Week 4: 14 miles
  • Week 5: 21 miles
  • Week 6: 21 miles
  • Week 7: 21 miles
  • Week 8: 21 miles

Registration is closed
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    Register to participate in Trek to the Tropics by January 22, 2018.

  • 2

    Log Miles

    Log your active miles from January 22, 2018 - March 18, 2018.

  • 3

    Hit Mileage Goals

    Hit your individual mileage goals each week.

  • 4

    Health Expo

    Be sure to attend our Health Expo at the Willmar Conference Center on April 5, 2018.

  • 5

    One Grand Prize Winner!

    If the whole group reaches our goal of 38,402 total miles, one grand prize winner will receive a travel voucher worth $4,000!
    *Must be present at Health Expo to win. The drawing will be held at the Willmar Conference Center on April 5, 2018 at 7:00 pm.

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We made our final total goal! Keep logging your miles to reach your weekly goal to still be eligible for the grand prize.

Each week, as a community, we will need to reach our destination goal:
Week 1: Willmar → Guatemala City = 2126 miles
Week 2: Guatemala → Lima, Peru = 2063 miles
Week 3: Peru → Praia, Cape Verde = 4114 miles
Week 4: Cape Verde → Nairobi, Kenya = 4284 miles
Week 5: Kenya → Nuuk, Greenland = 6261 miles
Week 6: Greenland → Naypyidaw, Myanmar = 6393 miles
Week 7: Myanmar → Tobou, Fiji = 6343 miles
Week 8: Fiji → Willmar, Minnesota = 6818 miles

Total miles for the challenge = 38,402!


Log Your Miles

Logging miles is officially closed!


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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s free, what’s the catch? +

There is none! Rice Memorial Hospital is committed to investing in the health and wellness of our community. As this challenge continues, we hope it will create a well-balanced exercise habit for participants, build comradery within the community, and add some fun family time to people’s lives. Graciously, all of the funds come from events and wellness fundraisers throughout the year.

How did you pick 38,402 miles? +

We picked destinations all around the world, and increased the distance each week. As you walk around the world, you’ll learn about all of these neat places that we’ll stop along the way.

When do I have to sign up by? +

The entry period ends at 11:59 PM, CST, on Monday, January 22, 2018. Make sure you sign up before that date!

What if I log more than my goals each week? +

Perfect! You are going above and beyond, and those extra miles will be added to the community’s total mileage goal of walking all the way around the world.

How often do I submit my miles? +

You must submit your miles each week! Submit your mileage via our website, or turning in paper log sheets at the main registration desk at Rice Memorial Hospital. New challenge weeks begin on Mondays, so turn in your previous week’s mileage by no later than 11:59pm on Wednesdays of each week. Your final log is due by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, March 21, 2018.

What if I can’t make it to the Health Expo on April 5, 2018, can I still be eligible to win? +

All prizes drawn will be for those that are present at the Health Expo. If you are not preset, we will draw for another name. So don’t miss out!

Do I need an activity tracker to participate and keep track of my miles? +

No activity tracker necessary! You can map out your walking/running route the old fashioned way. We will have a calculator tool on our website for you to convert other forms of activity into miles.

Why can people only within a 45 mile radius of Rice Memorial Hospital participate? +

As you can imagine, we want this challenge to stay local within the area that we serve. It serves a dual purpose: to create exercise habits, and to build camaraderie within the community. If we allowed participants from over 45 miles to participate, it just won’t have that sense of community.

Why is it in January? +

Many people try to start the New Year off right with new wellness goals in mind and this is a great way to start! It is also one of the coldest months in Minnesota, which usually means it is one of the hardest times to stay active – there’s a reason it’s called a community health challenge!

What if I miss a day? +

No problem! It is a weekly mileage goal, not a daily mileage goal. If you miss a day, just make sure you make up for it by moving more the next day. For example, on Week 1 you need to move 7 miles. You can move 1 mile every day that week, or move 3.5 miles on Saturday, and 3.5 miles on Sunday!

Can my children participate? +

Absolutely! Children ages 5-17 are not eligible to win the travel voucher, but they will be eligible to win children’s prizes. Children ages 4 and under are not eligible to win.

How do I track my miles? +

You’re responsible for keeping a log of your own miles, and we expect you to use the honor system. Using our tools on this website, convert your other exercises into the correct “walking mileage.” At the end of each week, submit your mileage via our website, or turning in paper log sheets at the main registration desk at Rice Memorial Hospital.

What if I miss a week of reaching my goals or submitting my miles? +

Unfortunately, you will be disqualified from winning the grand prize. We will be giving out weekly prizes, so be sure to hit the following weeks individual goals so you can qualify for one of them!

I am on my feet all day at work and log 10,000 steps on my FitBit, does that count? +

Unfortunately, no. We want this to be intentional physical activity, so you must be active for a prolonged period of time. While being on your feet at work has its benefits, we want you to try something outside the normal routine of your day! You can however count any "active minutes" from your fitbit towards your miles. Active minutes are calculated after you have moved for 10 minutes continuously, which is a desired amount of continuous activity for health benefits.

I’ll be traveling for part of the challenge, can I still participate? +

Absolutely! We want you to be active wherever you go. Just make sure you continue to turn in your mileage each week via our website.

Do I have to travel to the tropics if I win the travel voucher? +

You can go wherever your heart desires! If you are more of a cold-weather fan, plan a cruise to Alaska. If you love sightseeing, plan a trip to Europe. Or, feel free to pack those sunglasses and flip flops and head to the Caribbean, Mexico, or Hawaii. You get to choose where that $4,000 takes you!

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